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Swop is like you! Just dress it to your taste!

Born to break the mould!

Swop is a chameleon! It changes colour when you change your mood. You can build it to your liking thanks to the different interchangeable front boards. When you start dressing it, you will get addicted to Swop!



Discover them!

Front interchangeable boards. Dress your table to your liking!

Swap them! Cause you never get up in the same mood! Swop are the only tables in the market that allow customization. Swap the front boards in a matter of seconds and you will get a new table. You need no tools! Choose the garment you like the most for your table and smile. It's up to you!

Open the Swop wardrobe and discover its collections:

Om, the relaxing atmosphere of wood
Nordic, inspired in contemporary Nordic furniture
Iron, inspired in urban landscapes
Techno, stunning and daring
Foll, inspired in an autumn landscape


A project done from the heart; a labour of love.

Naggura team

Naggura is born as a project of a young team completely devoted to fulfil a common dream: Giving shape and creating technical and genuine furniture which breaks the rules of design and, at the same time, is engineered to achieve the work requirements of the most demanding professionals.

When breaking the rules has never been so much fun!

The family grows and Swop treatment tables appear to hypnotize you with their pure lines, amazing shapes, and happy soul. This time we took out the colour palette to make them brighter and more colourful. Now you can dream in colours and you can choose the colours you dream on. Because you are a tablemaker now!


Pioneers of product design

Naggura enters into the market with its new generation of treatment tables which stand out for their completely innovating design and technical optimised solutions.

Work with the best tables! Don’t stay behind!

Naggura with the pros

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.

Immediate stock

We will guide and assist you prior and during the purchasing process and until you get the order. We know that when the decision has been made, the fact of using the table turns into necessary. That’s why we guarantee the best service at all stages of the purchasing process and until its reception

Your trust is our priority!

If you still have a doubt,
we did something wrong!

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If you still have a doubt,
we did something wrong!